Webapps & Software Development

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With JTC Technology applications, we provide our clients with custom solutions and an application suite that aims to fits their needs and requirements. Our software development and consulting staff will also be able provide expert advice and solutions including integration with third party systems or a custom solution that fits in specifically with your business requirements.

Our primary applications suite is targeted at school based clients however components can be integrated for business client usage as well. If you require a custom solution for a specific task feel free to contact us. We are capable of building applications that meet your needs and resolve your business requirements.

The following is a list of applications in our applications suite that are all web based:

  • Asset Management: For clients to manage their organisation’s assets such as hardware purchases.
  • Bookings: A room or equipment booking application.
  • Calendar: Our calendar solution that integrates into our intranet home pages.
  • Communicator: An emailing and SMS client (SMS requires a third party provider).
  • Content Management System: Our content management system that is integrated in any section of our applications that require dynamic content.
  • Daily Notices: An efficient day to day posting of events and messages for any group to read.
  • Parent Teacher Interviews: An application that allows parents to book interviews with teachers.
  • Student Attendance: Our student attendance system tracks, manages and reports attendances of students recorded by the school.
  • Support Requests: The primary tool that aids our technicians in managing technical issues that our clients log as they occur.
  • Task Scheduler: A management tool that tracks tasks completed and the next scheduled time those tasks should be completed.
  • Timetable: A easy to read and search interface to your existing timetable data.

Each application listed requires our people and group management application which is basically where accounts are driven from and allows for active directory integration when deployed on a server you own.

We also customise portals or home pages which centralises all applications and resources to one location, providing end users with clear and easy access to the various applications they use in their day to day work.

If you are interested in any of these applications, or require a custom solution to your school or business needs, please contact us.