High School IT Support

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As High Schools have a range of needs, we have three levels of service. Schools can mix and match service levels based on their requirements. For example, a medium size high school may have 5 days per week of first level support and 1 day per week of second level support.

Our High School service levels are:

1. First Level Support

Our first level support staff can provide part or full time on-site technical support for common day to day technological problems. Some examples of problems encountered by schools that our first level support staff can attend to include:

  • Relocating, installing and configuring computer hardware or software for end users.
  • Troubleshooting computer related hardware or software issues.
  • Supporting and training end users in using hardware and software systems.
  • Helping staff and students with account, network/connectivity, printing and other general issues encountered day to day.

At JTC Technology our first level support staff strive to promptly resolve issues logged by staff and to help students in a timely manner. We aim to provide a quick and efficient response to reactive (break/fix) issues and to also be proactive in completing maintenance and other tasks.
If there are any technical issues which our first level support staff members are unable to resolve, they can contact one of our more senior technicians for further advice or assistance.

2. Second Level Support

A second level technician can provide your school with maintenance and management of networks and systems. Second Level Support services include:

  • Server and network management and maintenance
  • End user assistance with more complex technical issues
  • Implementation of new technology and initiatives
  • Implementing IT projects in line with school priorities

3. Third Level Support

Our more senior staff are experts with technology, having years of experience working in many schools, and can provide your school with valuable infrastructure improvements and advanced maintenance/management of networks and systems. Third Level Support services include:

  • Advanced troubleshooting and technical support
  • Review of and improvements to existing systems
  • IT Consultancy and IT team leadership

In conjunction with our first level and second level support services, our third level services can help your school effectively integrate and utilise technology, allowing staff to focus on their main responsibilities without the need to get involved in supporting and managing the school’s technology.

Which support levels do I need for my school?

Most schools have a combination of support, for example a large high school may have

  • 5 days per week first level
  • 3 days per week second level, and
  • 1 day per week third level

If your school wishes to engage a first level technician we additionally require the school to engage a second level technician for a minimum of one day per week to provide escalation support. This ensures our first level technician has someone to assist with the more complex tasks, and provides a more experienced technician to provide guidance and advice to both our first level technician and the school.

What happens during school holidays?

Our services cover school term time plus one week of school holidays each term break.
Schools are busy places and over the school term time our technicians are often flat out addressing day to day issues that arise.
While students and staff are on school holidays, our technicians use this time to catch up on any outstanding tasks, perform proactive maintenance tasks, and to get themselves organised for the term ahead. Work during school holidays is essential to allow our staff to be well organised and ready to help when each new term begins.

What makes JTC Technology different?

  • We are large enough to provide flexibility and support with over 30 technical staff
  • We are small enough to care and we seek to make a difference in your school
  • We have been supporting schools for over 20 years. We understand school environments and aim to provide practical and useful technical assistance